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Bardzo ciekawa inicjatyw Amerykańska. Na maila dostaję bezpośrednie informacje dotyczące planów i kampanii wyborczej Barack’a Obamy.  Na dole pierwszy e-mail. Korespondują ze mną Barack i Michelle, to się nazywa „amerykańska potęga i propaganda”.  I kaskę zbiorą.

Organizing for America
Marlena —
Tonight, in his very first speech from the Oval Office, President Obama addressed the nation on the BP oil spill and the crisis in the Gulf Coast.
Millions of Americans heard him lay out the path forward: Tens of thousands will continue to work around the clock to stop the oil spill and prevent further damage. The Obama administration will ensure that BP is held accountable, covering the costs of the clean-up and paying its debts to the people whose lives have been upended by the disaster.
The Gulf Coast will be repaired and restored for the people who call it home and whose livelihoods depend on it.
But, as the President said tonight, this is just the beginning — we need to ensure that a disaster like this never happens again.
The President presented a vision of a future where we as a nation are not held hostage by our dependence on fossil fuels — and a plan for an economy that invests in energy generated right here and creates jobs for millions of Americans in the process. Under his leadership, some of this is beginning to take shape — clean energy is starting to put people back to work across the country, building more efficient cars and trucks, repurposing old factories to manufacture wind turbines, and investing in research that will discover new energy technologies.
Critics will say that a real transition to clean energy is a challenge that can’t be met. But the President made it clear tonight that he will not back down — even if the path forward is not easy. And, as this movement has shown time and again, neither will we.
You are one of hundreds of thousands who have already stood with President Obama for a clean-energy future. Washington has put this off for far too long — America must act. We need your help today to show strong support for the President’s vision for a clean-energy future. Please pass on this email to five friends today — and ask them to join you in standing with the President:
Thank you,
Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America
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Simple idea for a controlled leak. Very suspicious, disaster. /The rim is semi-rigid construction, the drawing is paper./

W internecie jest bardzo dużo informacji, jakoby BP nie korzystało z praktycznych rozwiązań, nadesłanych przez inżynierów z całego świata.  Co ciekawe to przedstawione przez ze mnie, jest proste i wykonalne.  A wyciek nadal istnieje i zatruwa życie. Takie działania ukazują tylko ich celowość, a nie przypadkowość, czy nieszczęśliwy wypadek. W ogóle mało działań podjęto dla faktycznego zapobiegnięcia katastrofie, a kręcą takie filmy o „zbawianiu i ratowaniu świata”.

[20 April 2010]

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